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Saturday, May 29, 2010

So boring at home alone!My parents go out and my brother go swimming.Tomorrow gt school sia even thought it is holiday.Monday to wednesday,I have school and prefect training so I will be back home at 4 pm.Thursday to another week tuesday,I have school and workshop so I will be back home at 6 pm.So poor thing leh me...

Posted @ [11:29 PM]

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today we got back our results slip.My position changed to 5.Althought I get 4 for my class position last years and I get 5 for dis years,nvm cos I will try harder for my psle.I thnk everyone changed thei class position except Li Jing.Lol...Elaine vry proud leh cos she won Siu Yi keep saying and laughing.Bb la nothing more to write.

Posted @ [5:11 AM]

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today mdm eity tell us about our class position.My position is 7,wanna cry cos from number 4 to number 7 leh and my index numder is 7,english position is also 7 now my class position also 7 hate 7!!! I got prefect training.We r playing a games and we muz find the person who gt the same answer as me.Need to find at least 5 but I only find 4 lol...The 4 which I find is Clara,Joween,Si Jie and Hong Yi.I vry hate today!!!

Posted @ [5:23 AM]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today our class go for health-check.The nurse need to check girls' spine so we need to take out our embarrassing.Boys only have eyes check,not fair lor...The nurse say my spine a bit curved but nvm.I need to change spectacles already,so happy!Mother tongue period,Elaine want to pull me into her chinese class,Mr Soo say oi don pull my student(in chinese of course,still laughing),then Elaine quickly let go and went into the class.Haha!

Posted @ [3:37 AM]

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hate Elaine Cho lor!Today maths lesson Mrs Tan ask us to queue up 5 at a time to let her mark the maths wb,when I wanna to stand up and go queue up,Elaine suddenly stand up and faster go to queue up.I need to sit down again.She vry wat sia!Vry HATE her!!!Even Siu Yi say so.

Posted @ [4:19 AM]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today I am ill so I did not go to school.Wondering what are my frends doing now.Now is sci period.I think they are doing SA1 corrections right now.Lol...who will help me to do my corrections?Hope Miss Kong will let Siu Yi to help me do my corrections.I am feeling vry awful yesterday but now is better.Yesterday wanna die already.Keep sleeping,feeling vry giddy.My temperture yesterday is 39.9.When I go see the doctor,the doctor say it might be H1N1.So scary but he say I will be fine if I eat the medicine.The doctor gave me two days of MC but I am feeling quite well today so I think I will be back to school by tomorrow.Hope I will get well soon.

Posted @ [9:12 AM]

Monday, May 17, 2010

Today,Miss Kong gave back our science paper bklet B.I thought I will fail Siu Yi but I did not cos my bklet B and science pratical test was better than her.I got the same marks at her.Mdm Eu also tell us th overall for top ten for English.I was number 7.Lol...Siu Yi was not top ten leh.My paper was less than Siu Yi but overall I was better than her so I won her!Hahas!So happy did not lose her any subjects but loses Elaine Science.Actually I can win Elaine want lor because MCQ first two question I know how to do but because I was careless,I lose two marks.So I loses her,so sad...Then mother tongue copy the correction.Bettina did not come so I help her to copy.She got so many correction!Lol...

Posted @ [3:26 AM]

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today,I go take picture with Siu Yi and Siu Li for the pets picture that Mdm Eity need.Thxs le Siu Yi for willing to accompany me to go take picture.Never thought that Siu Yi will agree.I thought Siu Yi's mother will go with her but don have weird.We take a picture of a cats lying on the floor and a dogs.So cute!I think the dog had a owner cos a old man was sitting beside the dog.I ask Siu Yi to take the picture but I don dare.Heehee.Such a coward right me?Lol...I ask Siu Yi to take the dog as she walk so as to avoid the dog's owner looking but she did not leh still taking when the dog's owner was looking at us.Lol...she was vry bold leh...I was still hiding behing her heehee.I put silent mode so when we capture picture,the pets will not put much attention on us.Siu Li vry funny lor,wearing a cap,so cute and funny hahas!After taking,we went home.I was vry unwell sia jux now!Want to die but now much better.

Posted @ [3:31 AM]

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I really go out with Elaine today to Causeway point.I actually want to buy present for Chai Xuan but I don know which to choose and Elaine keep ask me to buy rubbish things.We go and eat when we reached Causeway Point.Elaine buy dou hua and I but strawberry milkshake.I actually want to buy chocolate milkshake one but no more so no choice I had to buy strawberry milkshake.Then at about 5.30,Elaine's family arrived at Causeway Point.They wanted to eat at Causeway Point.I pushed Elaine into the lift and went home.Elaine went to foodcourt to eat with her parents.A boring trip to go home by bus all by myself cos I don want to eat with Elaine's family.I went home and eat chicken rice and drink apple juice.Elaine say she want to eat rice cos last time when she go to Causeway with me,she eat noodles.Thts all for today bye!

Posted @ [3:38 AM]

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today,Elaine ask me to go out with her cos she was vry boring.We think for one an hour before we decide to go Causeway.Hope we will not quarrel again.I think we will not quarrel cos everytime I go out with Elaine alone we will not quarrel but whenever we go out together with Siu Yi we will quarrel.Don know why leh but is not Siu Yi fault la.Today I had post quite alot of blog.Nothing to do so must post.Facebook was not fun to play anymore.Actually I like to play restaurant city but before long I don like already cos so boring jux go to people restaurant and help them.No game in facebook that I really like to play.Elaine first say 3pm go out then 3.15pm then 3.30pm.Why leh?I don know.Now she msn me meet at where.Lol...weird Elaine.She ask me wat to bring now.She think she was going to school meh.Syill ask me bring wat.Jux now I go yo google.I searched for Elaine and Siu Yi name.The results was they were at facebook.I also searched my name but the results was yee peng festivals.No facebook for sad.Byes...nothings more to write.

Posted @ [11:44 PM]

Mdm Eity wanted us to take picture of pets for arts.Where to take?Where am I going to take?Maybe I can ask Clara cos she love pets extremely much,always bring me to see pets but I hate it vry much but do I still have choice?Still,will she agree?Maybe not cos she was not allow to go out.Sigh!Who can help me?

Posted @ [9:26 PM]

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am vry sad today cos my sci booklet A only get 30.I scared I will fail.I also get back my chinese paper.Overoll,I get 94 point something.I don remember already.Recess time,I go buy herbal chicken soup.I carry alot of things so my soup spike a little.Vry hot leh.My hand vry pain.

Posted @ [10:50 PM]

Yo!Siu Yi so smart!Won me 4 eng.Lol...why Siu Yi fail again 4 maths?Mostly fail leh she.Even Elaine say so.Wish her good luck lor...Elaine pass her english papaer by 1 marks.Elaine say her mother say if she did not pass,she will not get a iphone but so lucky she pass! many marks did Jing Yi got 4 her both paper?Aiyah surely better than me one lor.I so lan!Don want 2 talk already la!Bye!

Posted @ [5:42 AM]

Today,mdm eu and mrs tan give out exams paper.On the OAS,my name only till LEK YEE PE only.No NG.So sad...Lol...I gt 70 marks 4 my maths paper so sad...Only 63 marks 4 eng paper.Wanna cry...hahas.My chinese compo vry lan leh!!!Only 20 plus.I did not achieve mr soo target.I think only 2 people reached mr soo target,which is li jing and kai long.I wonder how li jing do his SA1 with one hand broken.Lol...nthg to write anymore so bye!^.^

Posted @ [12:43 AM]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 morning have chinese SA1.So difficult...I do until last five minutes leh.I write until vry long,more than the four lines given on the paper.Last qns,I dunno how to do.Today morning,Mr Soo asked me to write longer and I really write vry long.Long till I not enough time to do.But still finish doing la...I am feeling extremely unwell when doing the chinese paper.I went to the toilet after I had finish and I met Meng Xian there.Wat had happened,cannot tell...

Posted @ [4:38 AM]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lol... always like this one lor...Say words hurt people still never care and say don't have!Really hates her leh...Don't wish to talk to her anymore...Never ever want to treat her as a friends...Really want to strangle her!Really really hate her lor!Always so selfish.Don't know why Elaine never hates before!Elaine don't even care still treat her as the best of her friends...I really do not wish to talk to her anymore but don't know why I still talk to her.Yu Xuan also hatesand I totally agrees with her!Really HATES her!!!

Posted @ [3:27 AM]

Lol...yesterday chinese compo was so difficult.I dunno how to do...When Mr Soo say stop writing,I still continue to write cos haven finish.Surely get less then 30 marks.Mr Soo still ask me to get 36 and above...Surely get scolded already la.So scared for Tues exams.Scared will fail.Help!Who can help me?Juz kidding hahas.

Posted @ [3:11 AM]

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